Property in Altea, Spain is incredibly scenic, making it a popular vacation destination and place to live. This Valencian town on the Costa Blanca is small enough to remain quaint and clean (under 20,000 residents), yet it also boasts the 21st century amenities you would want from an area.

Altea property has been popular amongst investors since tourists discovered it in the 1950’s. Despite its reputation for perfect weather and fun attractions, it thankfully hasn’t become overcrowded. Today, the beauty of the beaches and iconic, whitewashed houses remain pristine.

The history of Altea, Spain is very interesting and lends to the beauty of the area. The town was fortified with walls after Christian Spaniards recaptured the area from the Moors. To this day, you will find cobbled streets and walls that show a glimpse of this rich history. Another popular attraction is La Mare de Déu del Consol (“Our Lady of Solace”), an old-world church that is easily recognized by its unique blue domes.

There is a lot of desirable property for sale in Altea. Upscale apartments, some of the finest in the Mediterranean, line parts of the beachfront. Such properties have some of the best views in town, as many boast roomy terraces for lounging and sunbathing. For more affordable choices in apartments, investors will find equally beautiful property further inland. The center of town has numerous apartments to choose from and is located close to popular markets and restaurants.

For those who prefer a cottage or town home to an apartment, there are many of those properties for sale in Altea. The architecture of the area’s homes is to be admired and, surprisingly, the old-world styles have been perfectly preserved for many years. The townspeople have worked hard to renovate the cottages and town homes, as to safeguard a traditional look.

An urban rejuvenation movement has been quite successful with Altea properties, such as in the Altea Hills area. Bungalows and town houses have a hillside view of the ocean in upscale neighborhoods such as these. Other areas of the town have received a similar treatment, adding to the desirability of Altea property. Indeed, this is both a popular tourist location and a dream location for permanent residence.

There are many reasons to move to Altea, one of the most charming hillside communities on the Costa Blanca. There are numerous properties for sale to fit any budget and the seaside town has resisted a mass influx of people. It is just the right size to offer luxury facilities, however. Those who enjoy outdoor recreational activities will find everything in Altea. Likewise, those who are more interested in history and architecture will find those in abundance. Great shopping and fine dining round out one of the most impressive resort towns in Spain.

Those who are interested in Altea property should visit for a short vacation. Not many people can resist the urge to stay once they’ve seen it for themselves. The town is also nestled close to Jalon Valley, a world-famous wine-making community. There are so many benefits to living in Altea that it is surprising how cozy the town has remained for all these years.