Tuesday 7th November 2006

Verdi Vent Restaurant, Jalon

If you fancy a inland country drive from Javea to the village of Jalon, take the third turn left off the main street and travel up the mountain roads until you see a large, old property on your left. You have reached the VerdiVent restaurant and you are in for a real hearty luncheon treat.

Verdi Vent Restaurant

Verdi Vents Restaurant, Jalon. Telephone 00 34 96597 3413. Once you are seated with jugs of red wine already placed on the table, you are presented with bowls of a potato dish, mixed with chives, lavender and herbs. also large loaves of freshly baked bread. Next two large serving bowls of a creamy white soup, that had us all guessing what the ingredients were, it was delicious and we were told that it was lettuce!

A short break and plates of oil covered tomatoes and mozzarella cheese were placed on the table. Main course was a choice of lamb on the bone with a moscatel sauce or venison in a red wine sauce. Nine of us chose the venison and it was fantastic. The lamb was also excellent. The sound of guitars filled the air and the popular brothers, from the area, sang and played our favourite Spanish melodies.

The whole day was a wonderful experience,a delightful meal and one that we shall remember for the rest of our lives, or at least a until the next time.

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Monday 15th January 2007

Solana's to Aleluya Bar

We set off with friends old and new to the Jalon Valley to visit Solana’s restaurant, on the first cloudy day since Christmas. The restaurant has been trading since we first arrived in Spain in 1987, so those older than us, can inform us of the exact opening date of Solana’s in Alcalali.

We have never been disappointed with the quality of the food, value for money and the ‘nothing is too much to ask’ politeness, of the Solana’s Restaurant, situated in the small village of Alcalali. It is always best to book in advance, when you want to sample the delights of this well established venue.

The food is superb value, well presented and tastes as close to home cooking as you can achieve in a restaurant. No surprises there, as Solana’s has been trading since we first arrived in Spain, 20 years ago. We have many favourite restaurants in Javea, Moraira and the Jalon Valley. Solana’s delivers the best of the best, every time we visit it.

After the three course meal of roast lamb, roast pork and rabbit stew, served with wines, coffee and after lunch liquors, we headed off to the famous bar in Jalon village called Casa Aleluya. Juan the owner sang, ‘Aleluya’ and ‘Oh my God’ as we entered the bar and ordered drinks. The place is filled with bottles of wine, honey and other goodies to purchase. Juan also performs his well practised trick of drinking wine from a glass decanter spout, pouring it into his mouth then slowly letting the wine flow travel up, then down his cheeks, in two channels and one down his nose. How Juan found he had this unique talent, you have to wonder.

Juan was later accompanied by his bare chested friend for a duo drinking act. Not to be out done, the girls had a go, sadly, not bare chested, each enjoying the ‘free’ flowing wine, and a kiss on the forehead from Juan. Next, Nick rose to the challenge and performed a first time duo, minus the bare chest and the kiss. This will surely change the way we all drink wine in the future.

I gave Juan’s drinking trick more thought, then realised that as a young lad, he must have missed his mouth on many drinking sessions, and must have decided that his forehead was a bigger taget than his mouth, and chose to drink this way in the future. No problems here for the girls then…..

As a finale, Nick went outside and poured water over his head, just to make us laugh? No, really, we all enjoyed another great afternoon out, with good company and good food.

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