Selling Javea Property

In the last 17 years I have visited hundreds of properties in Negative press always sells newspapers, that is why the average people buying a Spanish property beleive that they can offer 30 – 40% off the price that is asked. This may be true in other parts of Spain, but not here in Javea and Moraira.

Javea, Moraira do not have hundreds upon hundreds of new builds to sell. Most of the promotion and developers build just a few new villas in lovely areas with 20% green zones.

New apartment complex’s have a height limit of two floors and
aticos. No more than 30 apartments are built on each new project. These are normally purchased off plan by families from Madrid or Valencia, then the over seas buyers.

So there is not a huge amount of un sold properties in Javea or Moraira.

Bank repo’s are not that many in this area, look at the areas where there are hundreds and that is where you will find the town halls and developers have been silly for the past 10 years, a long with the greedy bank directors.

Keep your Javea property clean and tidy, free of nasty odors and ask a sensible price. Good luck because if the price is right, you will sell in Javea and Moraira.

Come for a holiday – Stay a lifetime!

Posted by: Steve Nott on Monday 3rd October 2011



Jenifer Wilson said:

<p>I have just sold my 1.2 million euro in Javea. This price was just reduced from 1.5 million, but I still ended up in obtaining the same amount in pounds that I needed.<br /> Great site, good logical information.<br /> Jenifer Wilson</p>

Posted on Sunday 7th June at 12:50:00

Steve said:

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Posted on Friday 14th October at 10:35:00

Colin Pritchard said:

<p>Hello One and all,</p> <p>I do hope you will have time to have a read through my short update, I understand that we are all to busy to take short breaks and relax a little.<br /> After this 2011 summer season on the Costas and Balearics I must ask….Recession! <span class="caps">WHAT</span> <span class="caps">RECESSION</span>?</p> <p>Yeah, I know your going to say don’t I watch TV and listen to the Radio…But I can tell you all from personal experience this year people are waking up to the fact that we do not have a ‘Recession’ but this is what it is…Live with it! Maybe those halcyon days of the late ‘90’s and up to the mid 2000’s were not real, were we all a little taken in by the ‘unreal’ markets and lifestyles….But believe me people are still buying Boats and yachts, Holiday homes in the Sun, Retiring to the Sun and above all enjoying themselves, especially here where the weather always treats us nice.<br /> What I’m trying to say is that we have what we have so lets just get on with life. Those of us who have worked hard are enjoying the rewards of the hard work, it is harder for the younger generation with young children and large mortgages, but these will all be looked back on with Laughter and relief in the years to come.</p> <p>Anyway, what are you doing in November? I will be off to the ‘ <span class="caps">BARCELONA</span> BOATSHOW’, which is a really good excuse to enjoy that wonderful city in the autumn.<br /> It’s the best time of year to visit Spain in General, and Barcelona in particular. There are Great sights, Great food and wine and a fantastic Boat show to enjoy as well. Call or e-mail if you are visiting and want tickets for the show. All of the major manufacturers from Europe and Scandinavia will be there, we will be displaying 4 new motor yachts; Sealine SC35, Sealine SC42 (New model),Sealine F42 Flybidge , Sealine T60 Motor yacht (Best Value for money on the Market!) come and enjoy the buzz of Barcelona . Check for more details on our website (Sea trials are possible during the show!)</p> <p>By the way, if you are thinking of property investments, the prices in Spain are back to where they were in the early 2000’s. But make offers; they will almost certainly be accepted as long as they are within reason and not ridiculously low. See, every cloud has a silver lining, the developers and the banks loss is your gain. While we are on the property theme I need to ask why is it that the TV only ever tells you one side of the ‘ Spain Property’ Scandals? There are literally millions of ex pats living in Spain; British, German, French, Russian, Dutch etc. There are also hundreds of thousands more that own ‘holiday’ property here but we only ever talk about the minority that experience difficulties and injustice. I am not for one minute suggesting that all is OK, because its not. There are rogue local government officials, rogue developers. But the vast majority of us living in Spain have no complaints what so ever (well maybe it is too hot in July/August) it is a fantastic climate. Very healthy lifestyles, great place to live and enjoy the good things in life… Go for it!</p> <p>Thanks for your time, I look forward to seeing you all again soon back in the sunshine, Barcelona does sound a good weekend away doesn’t it, give it a go..</p> <p>Then we have Xmas and New Year, and before we know it we are back to dear old Blighty for the ‘LONDON <span class="caps">BOAT</span> SHOW’ at Excel in January, followed by the delights of Europe’s largest boat show in dynamic Düsseldorf!</p> <p>We have so much to look forward to, and enjoy… See you soon.<br /> Best regards,</p> <p>Colin Pritchard<br /> Denia, Costa Blanca<br /> Spain<br /> Tel: +34 965 785 653<br /> Mob: +34 654 08 3232</p>

Posted on Monday 31st October at 19:39:00

Steve said:

<p>Property prices in Javea have reached rock bottom. Now is the time to invest.</p>

Posted on Tuesday 1st November at 08:38:00

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